I’m Sorry, I’m Just Thinking Out Loud

I wonder why the US Government never took action to confiscate the name of the Klu Klux Klan or confiscate the Swastika logo. **The Swastika logo is actually over 3,000 years old but commonly associated with Nazi Germany/Hitler. So it wasn’t his to start with, but that logo was associated with the murder of approximately 11 million people! So yes both mentioned above have a resume of Murder, Hate crimes, Terrorist acts, Drugs, Guns, Kidnapping, Etc. I’m no racist by no means. But this can’t simply be because the foundation of the 2 mentioned above are of White ethnicity and the motorcycle club that is facing court on June 2 is of mostly Mexican ethnicity. They going to court to defend their constitutional right to keep their club name/logo and not have it confiscated by the US Government. Is this kinda something like what the Europeans did to the Indians by wiping them off the face of earth. The Indians had a right to live and exist as human beings. They were first first! They were at home, they were invaded!

Motorcycle Clubs have the right as Organizations to exist and be individually identified and recognized as differently as different police departments that represent their different cities as they represent on their police cars claiming territories or Fire trucks, or sports teams representing a certain color and state.

THIS IS BIG PEOPLE. So for all the times you ever sat back and did nothing cause you felt what you saw on tv has nothing to do with you. I’m telling you, that you are dead wrong.

It’s not about what’s going on with them. It’s about what’s going on with WE THE PEOPLE of The United States of America. We the people means YOU.

United states was built off of human slavery, we have no natural resources like the Middle East has eternal Oil and Africa has eternal Diamonds. The United States capitalized from free labor from slavery and once that came to a end the only free natural resource the US had was over. So what to do next? How does the US make up for loosing the right to enslave black people for free labor? Create all sorts of bullshit ass laws to put Blacks in prison that enables the slavery system to operate within the Governmental law and as a bonus the prisons are paid for by The Tax Payers.

There are 33 Prisons in California. There are 10 Colleges in California. There has been 22 Prisons built in California since 1980 and only 1 College built in that same time!

Now in 2015 you best know that slavery is gonna be fueled by anyone that is not paying attention and there is no color line in this modern day slavery. The prison system has no color line and they inmates work for free or literally pennies a day.

So you wanna cheer USA land of the FREE, yea right mutherfucker! More land of the Caged,

Take advantage of being able to get involved and Vote! But to do that you gotta pay attention and most of all keep yourself crime free so you don’t violate your voting rights.


Best wishes and good luck to my dear Brothers on June 2.

God bless,

Goldie DeWitt

4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, I’m Just Thinking Out Loud”

  1. Chess moves being made, 3-4 moves ahead of the population. Sadly, the masses do not care or they do not want to see it coming. However many don’t understand “Warfare”.

  2. What’s up Goldie, 1st off I want to start off by saying thank you for being a leader in our community and taking the time to write this article. I commend you for the courage to publish what’s on your mind. I grew up in the IE and I used to read your magazine and have attended several of your establishments. I agree with the majority of your article so I hope you don’t take it this the wrong way, there are way more than 10 colleges in CA. I can probably name 25 off the top of my head and many have been built or at least expanded since 1980. Your article is very well written and I look up to you as business man and community leader. I frequent the IE regularly and hope to be able to chat with you next time I see you around. Again I agree with the majority of your points and hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

  3. The swastika was a Native American symbol before Hitler got his hands on it. I believe it meant Peace & love. Just shows how something so innocent can be used for evil. People don’t even realize the government is conditioning them to rat on their friends. They have the “TIP” line for criminals you want to turn in. How long before they use the “TIP” line for people to turn in other things? Hitler had people informing on Jews through “TIPS”. Our government is full of idiots and people just keep voting them in. MLLH&R

  4. I say rock the Swazi patch. Take it back to the true meaning. Let these fools keep that tilted fake swastika. The true square looking Swazi is all love. It’s older than any hateful organization or their desire to steel from older, peacful movements and cultures.
    With much respect. -G-

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