1DOWN MC at Dockweiler Beach

Went to Dockweiler Beach to wish Down2Pound another successful year and to also shake hands and fellowship with some folks we ain’t seen in a while.  That was the first time my Boots seen sand and at first I had no intention on stepping foot in that sand but I had too if I didn’t want to look like a “booshie as negro” 🙂 and the food was set up right smack in the middle of the beach so i had to walk through the sand.  Props to the chef cause the Chicken links were off the hook!

We stayed for a bit and had a good time, but we had to bounce and get back to 1DOWN Land in the Inland Empire.  Unfortunately the hotlink didn’t hold me over so we stopped at The Habit Burger to get our grub on.

beach20150418_155956Being in a Motorcycle Club especially 1DOWN MC has really opened my eyes to life in a positive way.  I find myself only wanting to be around people with class and people that hold a certain level of respect about themselves.  I’ve learned a lot about the word Respect and the action that follows it.  I make it a point to make sure wherever 1DOWN MC travels, we pay respect forward.  No matter what folks may say, the 1 thing they will say was “1DOWN MC was cool, well behaved, and showed class”.

Goldie DeWitt

4 thoughts on “1DOWN MC at Dockweiler Beach”

  1. 1Dowm living it’s foot print in history for generations to come.

    Much Love and RESPECT from Texas.

  2. It was good seeing you, hopefully you’ll be able to support 110 To The End MC in the same manner.
    Much Love ,110KayCee

  3. We simply make it to what we can when we can if it fits our schedule. Us showing up to anyone’s event is by choice not by obligation. Our love for 110 MC now is where it’s been from day 1, solid. Never base 1DOWN MC’s relationship with your club on our attendance to your event. We don’t support clubs, we fellowship with clubs when we get the chance. Support is a term that’s been abused so I’m very careful on what words I use and what words I replace them with based on who I’m talking to, but at the end of conversation it’s guaranteed my point was made and all respect was paid forward.

    Communication is a vital key to this lifestyle and how you say something can be the deal maker or deal breaker.

    If you see 1DOWN MC at your event, just appreciate the fact we went out of our way, but don’t ever feel like we did it cause we looking for anything in return. We don’t do the “come to my event and we will come to yours”. We don’t play that shit.

    Peace to all clubs.

    Goldie DeWitt

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