NEVER let the Happiness and Positive energy evaporate from the club. It just takes a little effort from each 1 of us to keep it filled to the top.  I want to say thank you again to everyone yesterday.  It was a fantastic meeting and a fabulous day spent with all of you. WE handled every topic as grown men with respect and class and that was evidence of growth and maturity. Something to be proud of!

At this very moment no matter if you are a Veteran or a Rookie to this club you should be 111% PROUD!  You are part of the most unique Motorcycle Club in the world.  There are thousands of mc’s in this world but not 1 of them are like 1DOWN MC.  We hold our own and we’ve been doing a dam good job at it.

Never get Big Headed!
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds you!
Never Fuck Your Brother!
Stay In OUR Lane!

The PRIDE of 1DOWN MC in each 1 of you is growing and really starting to blossom in a mature way and I’m seeing it with my own 2 eyes and it’s a great feeling.

When we take club pics I represent myself as the way I want people to see me, as a SOLID MUTHERFUCKER you must respect because I demand respect.   That’s what I look for in myself and when I look at each 1 of you.  Each time I take a pic I know I’m making history and at that moment in time in my life I’m bout to be stamped and freeze framed into history.  So I try to combine all my hard work, sweat, tears, and accomplishments into 1 half second of a photo that will represent all above in 1 single photo.

Like I tell you all, THEY watching us, so you best keep a eye on yoself.

Established in 1996 now 19 years old.
Established in 2006 now 9 years old.

1DOWN coming up on 20 years strong!!!


Goldie #1
President / Founder

4 thoughts on “The PRIDE of 1DOWN MC”

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by. Just took a look at your HoggShit Clothing and it looks good. Stay strong with your product and keep pushing it. Happy to see independent folks being productive!

  1. I’m a solid motherfucker myself and if you had club here in Port Arthur/Beaumont, Texas, I would be honored to wear your patch. I have enjoyed your video’s Ride safe my Long distance Brother.

  2. Thank you for reaching out Tony. Be sure to get at us if you ever slide through California. Stay solid.
    1DOWN MC

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