Actual Real MC on TV Show

FIRST time in History some brothas made it to a main stream nation wide hit television show Sons of Anarchy on FX.

We must be doing something right for Kurt Sutter to pull us in and allow us to use our same club colors, our own bikes, show our real tattoos, ect… But hey, we don’t only represent 1DOWN MC when we on TV, we represent for all the bikers out there with class, dignity, honor, and respect to the true MC lifestyle, THE BROTHERHOOD. The killing, drug dealing, kidnapping, domestic abuse, and shit like that ain’t got nothing to do with us in real life. Look at that as TV shit.

All MC clubs are NOT GANGS. When you see a actual real life Motorcycle Club in real life, please don’t address them as a Gang, it’s offensive and disrespectful, so please address them as a motorcycle club. The show is great, but don’t think for a second that all that you see is 100% true to the everyday lifestyle of a motorcycle club cause it’s not at all. What you see is a show thats been created for ratings and things must be exaggerated for attention & popularity. Through the show 1DOWN MC has meet many motorcycle clubs and has built some good relationships behind this and we can honestly say, we have not meet one motorcycle gang and we know a lot of people! Take care and bless you all. Education is the key to communication.


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