Mexicans, Whites & Blacks

Everyday I think on how can I become a better man today than I was yesterday.  So, today while I was working out, I had a thought that crossed my mind.

We are all the same from the ROOT, but we all sprout different leaves as we grow & mature, and this is what makes up the difference in each and everyone of us, but no one is better than the next.

My name is Goldie DeWitt and I am man enough & confident enough to say this to you and the entire world with no hesitation.  I am gonna tell you why I like Mexicans, Whites, & Black people.  I know there are other cultures out there, but for right now I’m addressing these 3.

**I LIKE MEXICAN PEOPLE: because from them I have learned what the true meaning of RESPECT & HARD WORK is.

**I LIKE WHITE PEOPLE: because from them I have learned that to be successful in anything you do, you must treat it like a BUSINESS.

**I LIKE BLACK PEOPLE: because from them I have learned that I can ACCOMPLISH anything I want to.

With me combining all of these ingredients together and applying them directly to me in my everyday living, it molds me and directs me into being the man I am today and paving the way into my future.

I share this with you today because I feel this can not only be helpful to me, but I know it can be helpful to somebody else out there, hopefully you! If I can motivate you, and you can motive someone else, then many more people will start to relate on the same positive level and you will start to see things get better for yourself as well as people around you.

I’m gonna tell you something about me from the heart. I will make sure you respect me for the man that I am from the heart, and NOT because of my bikes, girls, jewelry, clothes, and bullshit like that. I know all that can be wiped away over night, but something I will ALWAYS and FOREVER be RICH and WEALTHY of is being HONEST, RESPECTFUL, HUMBLE, & DOWN TO EARTH…. and nobody can take that away from me!

Love you all,


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