1DOWN MC Coming At You

I would like to extend a warm hello to all riders & all clubs from 1DOWN MC. This photo was taken yesterday and even though we probably didn’t get a chance to see you, we just wanted to make sure you got a chance to see us :-) 1DOWN MC is a Fun club, a positive club, a club you can count on to always be pointed in the right direction, MOVING FORWARD.

I wish success to all clubs! I would personally like to take this moment to CONGRATULATE all PRESIDENTS of all clubs & chapters! Being a President is no easy fucking lifestyle, and I am here to let all Presidents know that I commend you on your hard work, loyalty, & dedication to your club! I encourage you to continue to lead by example and to never hesitate to jump down in the trenches when it’s time to rock-n-roll! A good leader will always stand front line with his soldiers!



2 thoughts on “1DOWN MC Coming At You”

  1. I’m Mike..had a general question…are the any chapters near Ft. Stewart, GA….the wife came down on orders bringing the family to GA…

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