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YESTERDAY WE HAD A BLAST!!!! 1DOWN MC would like to say Thank you to everyone for the love & support you show us. We take pride in not only being a Motorcycle Club, but being a Motorcycle Club that leads by example. We meet up every Sunday at 11am to fellowship & to ride our motorcycles because thats what we enjoy doing. I love my club brothers, I enjoy being around my club brothers, & I look forward to seeing my club brothers every Sunday! You wanna know something amazing? Our Sundays are not mandatory! Nope. We show up on our own free will, out of pure respect & love! We had a great time yesterday and in 6 mores days it will be Sunday again, and I will be right there at The Upsidedown Bar at 11am shaking hands & greetings my brothers with a big smile on my face hugging each & everyone 1 of them as we gather up to ride out. I share this with you cause I want you to feel my happiness, cause this is truly the rewards of being in a great motorcycle club.

Being in a Motorcycle Club & being around a certain motorcycle club has really made a big difference on the positive direction my life has taken. I am proud of the man I have become & I am thankful to all of those in my life who have supported my lifestyle.

Love ya,



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