The Time We Are Alive

This is something that I thought of today, and I just had to share it with you. Seriously just think of how true this really is…

The shortest time of our existence is during the time we are alive. We are dead way longer than we are alive.

Take for instance the Governor of Wisconsin, “Jeremiah M. Rusk” born June 17, 1830, and he died November 21, 1893. He was 63 years old. He’s been dead for 119 years.

What can we do while we’re dead?
Do you realize we must all die at some point?
Once we die, you then have all the time in the world….

So, why make your time here anything less than wonderful, beautiful, lovely, great, incredible, positive and giving.

What can we do while we’re alive? You can appreciate life, you can spread love, you can promote life, you can do good deeds to fertilize a better future for others.

For the short time we are blessed life on this earth, we all need to love each other, and treat each other good, and learn to help each other.

Right now I am 40 years old, but 1 day I will have been dead for over a 100 years, and everything I stood for & everything I represented in life will simply be part of history.

So I hope and pray that the good deeds I have contributed to life will allow my name to live the rest of my life while I’m dead.

This might have been a little too deep for some of you, but I hope you all can really feel where I’m coming from with this.

Much love,

Goldie DeWitt President/Founder 1DOWN MC

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