Time Flys on Sons of Anarchy

I came in to Sons Of Anarchy on Season 2, and now its Season 5. Wow, time flys when you having fun. I’m honored to have 4 consecutive years on Sons of Anarchy cause we all know that typically the Black guy always dies first in a movie :-). I guess Kurt must like me, or as they say, Save the best for last!

I’m very blessed to have been put in this position to represent not just black riders, but ALL real club motorcycle riders; black, mexican, white, etc. Hear it from me, straight from me. When I’m on screen, I know deep down inside, I’m representing not just me, but I’m representing a real piece of the MC lifestyle. I know they say it’s just acting, but I’m just being me, so don’t give me credit for being a actor. I never took a acting class in my life. 

I was blessed with this opportunity to take me & my motorcycle club main stream and be featured on a national television show and I truly feel I earned it and deserve it. God could not have picked a better looking bald headed black dude that loves Orange with some bad ass bikes and a awesome motorcycle club to represent on national television!THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED LOVE & SUPPORT!GOLDIE

One thought on “Time Flys on Sons of Anarchy”

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