1 Second

TODAY IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I figured I would give everybody a BIG HUG TODAY. Even if you ain’t the hugging type.

Today I want you to spend a little time thinking about YOURSELF and what YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT. You know you need to get shit right and time is not on your side. Look at todays date, Friday, September 28, 2012. Time is flying & it don’t wait for nobody! You ever realized how important a second is, or even a minute? Well, you just keep on living, and you will see how important time really is and just how important it is to wake up each day and get the most you can out of each day.

I got this vision that when we die, we basically walk into heaven as if it’s a huge movie theater and all the sets are filled with everyone who made it to heaven. We walk down to sit in the front row as the guest of honor. As the credits start to roll, you see the title of the movie is called “GOLDIE’S LIFE FROM BIRTH TO DEATH”. Yup, thats right, you are about to review your entire life, every second from the time you were born, to the die you died. Your life movie will be watched by everyone in heaven on Gods big screen HD TV uncut, unedited. Showing your good times, your bad times, your laughs, your cries, your fights, your arguments, your drinking, smoking, sex, lies, cheats, steals, loves, hates, things that were done in the dark, secrets you kept to yourself. Nothing will be left out, NOT ONE SECOND OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!

So, now do you believe me when I say every second of your life is important? Like I said earlier, You need to get serious about it.

Here’s that big hug I promised you, cause now you know you need it.

Love you all,


3 thoughts on “1 Second”

  1. Crazy I always said the same thing about Heaven…and I’m in a situation to where I want to live differently but I know my bf would be hurt if I leave.

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