The World Is Watching Me

I am truly honored to have been the “chosen 1″ to represent not just me & 1DOWN MC, but the entire real life motorcycle club community & lifestyle.

When I’m on screen, I know the WORLD is watching me and I know I gotta represent not only what I stand for, but what us real motorcycle riders live for, RESPECT.

I know it’s just a tv show, but in it’s own way, it does give people some type of direction on how they will respond to you in real life. So, as for 1DOWN MC, representing the GRIM BASTARDS featuring me as a character, I would want people to see me on TV for who I am in real life & what my club represents in real life and thats a Solid man & Motorcycle Club that demands respect.

I’m honored by the fame & exposure but popularity ain’t nothing new for me, so no worries on this getting to my head. I’m still Goldie DeWitt a normal brotha coming out of Inglewood, CA who moved to Ontario, CA in the 8th grade and grew up just like everyone else in the hood, got in trouble, learned from it and made a decision to do right & stay right.

I’m 40 years old right now and I had no idea God had this in store for me. I look forward to living my life cause it’s been rewarding and since I been working with God, he keeps me looking forward to what’s next :-) God bless us all & thank you all for your continued Love & Support for me & 1DOWN for over the past 17 years and my High School friends for the past 26 years and my family for the past 40 years!

Love ya,


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