Don’t Drink & Drive

I just wanted to wish everyone a Fun, Safe weekend. Don’t drink and drive. Look out for each other.

All you motorcycle riders, pay attention to the road. Watch the road and watch the cars. All you folks in cars, watch for motorcycles.

If you going to a motorcycle event, and it’s a night time event, and you plan on drinking, and it’s not mandatory you ride your bike, have a friend drive you or carpool. Showing up on your bike is not as important as you never returning home.

1DOWN MC is a GO HARD CLUB. We go hard at everything we do. The only club we want to do better than, is ourselves. We strive to be closer than we were yesterday and in a better place than we were last year.

I wanted to write more, but I’m gonna end this here. What’s on my mind is another topic.



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