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GOLDIE: NO. It’s false. This was rumored by those who unfortunately never had the chance to meet me in person, fellowship with me, or someone just being hateful. I would assume this came a few years ago when I made some changes in my club on how we operate. People need to understand that just because I’m Black, don’t mean I’m predisposed to only function amongst Blacks on the Black Motorcycle Set. I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised with Mexicans, Whites, Blacks, & others. I am a very culturally diverse man, and so is the movement of my motorcycle club. My club is mixed with Whites, Blacks, Mexicans & others, and we all come from a background of being raised in multi cultural communities. I am Black and Proud, so by Root I am forever connected with the Black Motorcycle Set and I take pride in being a very positive motivator and leader to the Black Motorcycle Set.


GOLDIE: DAM, this takes a man of steal balls to face these questions, but I’m DOWN to do it. In my opinion, the Black Motorcycle Set is too saturated with: Shit talking male civilians, Shit talking female civilians, Female Social clubs, New Clubs, Gang bangers, Pop up clubs, Ex-members with attitudes, Riding clubs, and last but not least, not enough real life recognized official Motorcycle Clubs. So if you ask me, I’d say the BMS dam near consist of only about 35% real Motorcycle Clubs. Who that 35% is, I’ll let you decide that. Traditionally, Motorcycle Clubs only functioned with Full Patched Members of their own club and invited guest. Other clubs fellowshipped with other clubs by invite also. It was a privilege to be invited to a MC function or clubhouse. Now you got just anybody showing up with nobody to vouch for who that person or group is. Fuck that. I’m not with that. I wasn’t a biker in the 70’s & 80’s, but I would assume, the internal mechanics of the BMS was a bit safer during that time. I would have to contribute the cancer being MONEY the reason the BMS started to get contaminated. Clubs wanting to make more money, so they started to open up the gates wider on who they invited to their parties, and every since then, it’s done nothing but turned into a flood gate of madness to the Black Motorcycle Set.


GOLDIE: What can I do about it by myself? Absolutely nothing. I’m not strong enough to do it on my own, and it couldn’t happen over night. For as long as it’s been going on, it’s now turned into a culture, a way of living. For me to change anything, it’s like me messing with death. I would be messing with people’s money, and also messing with some Motorcycle Club’s clubhouse rent money. So, like I said, I can do nothing but mind my own business, and by me making the choice to mind my own business is what brought us to this interview in regards to the accusations against me.


GOLDIE: Let me be the first person that I know of to dam near go on record and say “That’s a Black Thing”. Much love to ALL clubs that embrace that tradition, but as a President I do not. BUT!! Here is a situation that happened because of me being nice. When 1DOWN MC came to the BSM, we never wore any other clubs support patches and we never had supporter patches to offer. People would always ask so I decided to get some made and I gave them out, i didn’t sell them. I never charged anyone for a support patch that wanted to show love to my club. I never had any intention on wearing any other clubs support patch on my vest, but 1 day I was asked if I wanted a supporter patch from a club we fellowshipped with during that time. So, I went ahead and accepted it and put it on. Me and 2 of my other members ONLY. Total of 3 of us is what I allowed. Well, long time down the road, I got some new Vest designed for my club and the entire club was getting brand new vest, and with the new vest, we had a new direction, but I still felt the way I did from the start. I was not supportive of wearing another clubs patch on my vest. So, when I got my new vest, I made the choice to not put that clubs support patch on my vest. It seemed to not be accepted well by that other club and I’m okay with that. My club vest is sacred for my club patches only. If any club wants to value my relationship with them based on me wearing their club patch on my cut, fuck you! Funny thing: a club can wear another clubs support patch but never fellowship with them, but that’s okay? Not in my world. If I fellowship with you, that means I support you, and if I support you, you gonna see me in person at your events and if I’m at your events, it’s because we respect each other and it’s not about money. For anyone who has a 1DOWN MC support patch on, you bet your ass they been sweated by folks asking “why you wear that, they don’t support you back?” Well, that person wearing that support patch is someone I am dear to and if they ever took it off, it would NOT change shit between us. I’m sorry but I’ve seen things I just can’t forgive, such as a Male Full Patch member of a MC wearing a Female Social Club patch on his vest. Oh hell fucking no!! Enough said on this shit!!!


GOLDIE: Yes I like Black females. I like attractive females. I like attractive Black females that take care of themselves, that groom them selves that present themselves as a woman with class. Do I have a certain look/type of Black woman I am attracted to? Yes I do. I do not find all Black females attractive. Nobody does. Not all females find me attractive… that’s part of human nature. As mentioned I was NOT raised only around Black females. I was not raised to only date Black females. I lost my virginity to a White Swedish chick who was 18 and I was 13. I can’t tell you what it was like cause it was 28 years ago, but from there I’ve smashed white, mexican, black, asian, middle eastern, and some others. Point being, growing up around a community of Black folks ended when my mom moved us from Inglewood in 1986. We got to Ontario, CA on February 4, and I lost my virginity on March 6. Yup, that quick, 1 month later simply because we moved. She was a White foreign exchange student from Sweden. (she just found me on Facebook, but i haven’t excepted her friend request) The next girl I met was my neighbor named Jennifer C, she is black.  We dated for like a week, and I’m sure I tried to fuck, but I didn’t get no coochie. The next chick was Shereece W, she was black. We dated for like a week, and I’m sure I tried to fuck, but I didn’t get no coochie. So, Shereece later invited me to her friends houseparty and yup, her friend was a chubby White girl and I smashed her and we ended up dating for about 2 years. Soon after finding out she lost her virginity to me. Sorry can’t tell you who she is, she’s weird now. So, I did try early to get some black pussy, but they were being to tight for my 13/14 year old hormones! But, later in life, I smashed a couple. I’d say black girls make up about 3% of the females I’ve smashed. Maybe because it’s not a lot to choose from where I lived. Maybe It’s me. Maybe I’m not their type :-) . Okay now as for “Boogawolfs”!! These are all the ugly, tacky, ghetto, low class, no class having black chicks on the BMS that need to be banned from the set. I would assume there are many beautiful attractive black females out there on the but you can’t seem to find them because they are camouflaged and scared away by all these “Boogawolfs”. These Boogawolfs have branded themselves as what females the BMS has to offer. This can’t be true!! I fucking hate looking through BMS event photos and saying OMG what the fuck! Is she serious! Why the fuck do they do this shit, wear this shit, look like this! Why aren’t these females checking each other! I wish all Black Females on the Black Motorcycle Set would make it a point to see to it that Each 1, Teach 1. I personally feel that only about 1.5% of the Black Female Biker Set is smash-able. So, yes, maybe 1 out of 10, and thats cutting it close. You think I’m lying? You’re just in denial, or maybe you’re a Boogawolf! Personally I like to see that 1.5% change to 70% and with that change would come a more positive BMS. Trust me……Ugly causes Hate! We need more beauty.


GOLDIE: Wow, that’s a loaded question, but I do understand what you asking. No I don’t. I must say, I respect the BMS because it stood the test of time and it still is alive today and it is still very active. As a President, I must make choices that have a crucial impact on my club today, tomorrow, and it’s future. I say this because I’ve seen the immediate effect the choices I’ve made for my club has had on the BMS already, and I swear on God, I don’t regret none of them. If there was ever a event thrown on the BSM with ONLY that 35% I spoke on earlier, you bet your life 1DOWN MC would be there with out hesitation. Unfortunately, due to the BMS being over populated with 65% NON-MC, these are the voices that tend to speak the loudest, and be most ignorant because they have nothing to loose and they don’t operate under no chain of command. So, who really runs the BMS, who really dominates the BMS? I’ll let you decide that.


GOLDIE: OH SHIT this could be tricky! Okay let’s see. 1. I have nothing to say to anyone particular. 2. If I had anything to say to a club, it would be to the 35% of the BMS. To the remanning 65% of the BMS, I would say to them, JOIN a MC, learn MC etiquette, and if you can’t respect the true lifestyle of a Full Patched Member of a Motorcycle Club, then find some place else to kick it.

Yes, there are some clubs out there that claim to have made the choice to NOT fellowship, function, or take part in any 1DOWN MC events and I am totally okay with that. The way it works out, those are the clubs that are simply missing out on some good times. It’s their loss not ours. We always invite everyone, and our events are always FREE. We don’t want your money, but we do welcome your fellowship.

So let me answer the first question the way I see it. Who don’t Goldie fuck with? Well, 1DOWN MC including myself, has made the decision to surround ourselves around people that enjoy our company and people that we enjoy being around. We don’t care if you’re Mexican, White, Black or other. 1DOWN MC will not tolerate being around trashy, low class, ignorant, tacky, no respect having, no MC etiquette having people regardless of what Motorcycle Set you from.

I hope this answered some of the long awaited questions some other folks may have always wanted to hear from you. Does it make a difference to me? No, but if it does for anyone out there, then this was worth it. Thanks for the interview.


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