My Life Makes Me Happy

My life fits me perfect. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Everything I do, I do because it makes me happy, it keeps me balanced and it allows me to learn. I say that because some people find themselves involved in something that they are very unhappy with, and they’er always an emotional wreck, and it seems to “dumb them down”. I can’t get down like that.

I truly enjoy the Motorcycle Lifestyle, and anybody close to me knows that it’s prioritized at the top of my responsibilities list.

Being Founder & President of 1DOWN MC is something I signed up to handle for the rest of my life. Saturday I bumped into a friend who is President of a very popular Black MC. I asked him how were things going and he said “man, I got 5 more months left and I’m done! This President shit ain’t for me. I can’t wait for these 2 years to be up. They ask me to please hold the position another term, and I said hell no.” He then said “Goldie, you were built for this shit, I wasn’t”. I took that as a compliment.

Living this Motorcycle Club lifestyle is really something that adds more responsibility to ones life more than you could imagine. You have to be able to listen to another man teach you how to live & react to life. You have to keep job or have some type of steady income. You have to dress a certain way. You have to present yourself a certain way. You have to respect Chain of Command. You have to become more aware of what’s Legal & illegal, so you don’t accidentally break the Law. You have to except that fact that what you do reflects on other people now. You have to learn what Respect is.

Living this Motorcycle Club lifestyle IF properly done without provoked negative interference from outsiders is actually a very good foundation to living a good, clean, healthy, law abiding lifestyle.

If I was to choose 1 word that describes 1DOWN MC, I would have to say we are a “Humble” motorcycle club. I am very proud of what my club has accomplished over the years and sometimes I think people might get it a little twisted as if I’m bragging, but in actuality all I’m doing is looking at my club smiling and saying I’m proud of you. As a President, I do “PUT IN WORK”. So when ever I got the opportunity to put another layer of Wax on my club to make us shine, you bet your ass I’m gonna do it. Why do I do it? Cause it makes me Happy!

With so much that I do & provide for my club, what do I expect back in return?….. “Loyalty”.

Goldie DeWit

This pic was taken yesterday on our way to Cook’s Corner. You will NEVER see another Harley Davidson like that 1 right there in your life!! Oh yea, and I’m not bragging but that Harley was also featured on Season 5 of Son’s of Anarchy. Remember, that’s me just smiling at my hard work

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