1DOWN MC As Grim Bastards on SOA


GRIM BASTARDS played by real life motorcycle club 1DOWN MC. See 1DOWN MC featured on Sons of Anarchy seasons 2-6 and returning in final upcoming season 7 in 2014. Characters from the Grim Bastards were based from the real life likeness of actual members from 1DOWN MC. See real life President Goldie DeWitt of 1DOWN MC starring as Grim Bastard Sgt at Arms starring next to main stream actor Michael Beach who play T.O. the President of the Grim Bastards who character is heavily based off of Goldie DeWitt in real life. When the Grim Bastards take the scene on Sons of Anarchy you will see Goldie DeWitt not only wearing his Gram Bastards vest but you will also see him wearing his real life club Soft Colors featuring “1DOWN” of “1FF1=1DOWN FOREVER FOREVER 1DOWN” on his t-shirt, or even his 1DOWN tattoo on the back on his head. There is no denying when the Grim Bastards step into the scene, as in real life with 1DOWN MC they grab your attention and they demand respect. The Grim Bastards feature the baddest Harley Davidson motorcycles to ever be featured on “Sons of Anarchy” all personally owned bikes of Goldie DeWitt that he rides daily in real life.

1DOWN MC real life members are also responsible for playing 90% of the Oakland street gang in Sons of Anarchy called the One-Niners.

Being featured on the Sons of Anarchy was “Something like a dream come true says Goldie DeWitt. I was a honor to meet and work with all the guys for 4 seasons in a row and also build a cool personal friendship as well.”

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