Every Morning I Wake Up To Dream

Are you working towards your dream? I am. Did you know in the process of working on your dream you will encounter a lot of failure, a lot of pain, a lot of disappointment, and many times you will doubt yourself. I do. You will ask God why is this happening to me? I have.

It’s very important for me to believe that I am the 1. I am the 1 that can make a difference. I am the 1 who can make his dream come true. Most people don’t work on their dreams because of fear. The fear of failure, and for some, the fear of success. You have to be a risk taker.

It’s very necessary that you get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dream. You have to separate yourself from being a copycat of negativity. You have to make yourself an uncommon breed, someone who refuses to live life just as it is. You have to become someone who believes that if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen because you made it happen. If you wanna be more successful and do more than you’ve ever done before, you must invest in you! Even if no one else see’s it in you, you must see it in yourself.

1DOWN is what I believe, and I am willing to die for it. No matter how bad it is, or how bad it get’s I’m gonna make it. I wanna represent an idea, I wanna represent possibilities, I wanna be the result of never giving up.

Don’t let nobody steal your dream….

“You can live your dream!!! I am”.

Goldie DeWitt

One thought on “Every Morning I Wake Up To Dream”

  1. Hello 1 down and greetings to you Goldie, this is Deborah from the motor city again. I can not began to tell you how much I really enjoyed this title: Every morning I wake up to a dream. It was very enlightening, motivational, humble, personable & from the heart and life experiences. You should be inspired to write a memoir or motivational book, because your level of knowledge and intelligence is simply amazing; because you seen to be so hardcore when in fact your both hardcore, humble and very encouraging. This article made me cry because to see you go after and follow your dreams, when so many of us give up and settle for less at times. You encourage people to keep striving for the best achieve their goals despite, the setbacks, trials and bad days we might be having or going through. You encourage a person to press forward look to a brighter day. May Jesus continue to bless you with the wisdom, positivity, productive ability to touch others through your wisdom & life experiences. Peace & Love to you all 1 down!

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