Clubs On The Set. People On The Set

Listen up!!!! If you attending a motorcycle club picnic or dance because you want to show off your bike, or you want to see who else shows up, or you going because you feel obligated cause of politices. YOU GOING FOR THE WRONG REASON!!!

If you do not like or support the club who’s dance or party it is, then you should not go. You need to go because you wanna see that club who is hosting the event and you love them and support them. You should not give a fuck who else is there. You need to be there in support of the hosting club. And that hosting club should show you much love and appreciation for coming, they should even followup with a thank you call.

If you wanna know why The Set is fucked up? Take a look at what you doing first before you get to pointing the finger.

The MC world is private. It’s never been a open to the public type lifestyle but for some reason, it’s starting to look that way in certain MC cultures.

It’s not my style. I don’t condone it and I don’t support it. If you attend a 1DOWN MC event you best be there cause you love and support 1DOWN MC. If you there only to show off your new paint job, or to see females, you best keep yo ass away. We don’t need your kind or your fake support. YOU NOT WELCOME TO OUR EVENTS!

Why am I saying this? Cause it needs to be said.

I guess I speak on stuff because I do care. I can’t change it, but I can address it. I am not speaking on absolutely no club or clubs in particular so don’t rattle your brain. I’m more so speaking on a certain culture of motorcycle clubs lifestyle that I know of, but no one club in particular.

It’s so fucked up because really The Set can’t be fixed without getting in the way of some clubs making money. So the root of the set has transitioned into a platform for making money when it comes down to it. And as we know, getting in the way of someone making money can get you killed, so I guess that’s why it just continues to take its course. It’s a downhill course that is changing what the true MC lifestyle once stood for.

You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. I can’t tell you I am part of the solution but I can tell you I won’t be part of the problem.

I can’t stand hearing someone say they went to some motorcycle clubs dance or picnic but they don’t like that club! Then why the fuck did you go!?

You ever think about shit like this or is it just me?


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