A Letter I Wrote To My Club

Just cause you got your cut don’t mean your job is done. I am President & Founder of this club and NEVER have I taken anything for granted or abused my position. I’ve earned every single patch on my Cut and i will represent every patch on my cut. I never get comfortable in my position and I understand that my position takes more energy effort and dedication than just being a member. I must never show weakness. I must never show abandonment. I must never show fear. I MUST BE STRONGER THAN MY STRONGEST SOLDIER. I know the responsibilities I have taken on and what’s required and expected from me. Every team that wins a Superbowl will have members that earned their ring and some who got their ring for just being on the team. The 1’s that earned their ring will know it in their heart, they earned it and they will wear that ring with pride. When they look at the ones who got the ring for just being on the team, THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. And so do the loyal fans. I will always be a starting player. I will always reward those that GET DOWN front line and move the ball forward. Those are my true team mates and those are my true battle brothers. PUT ME IN COACH IS WHAT COMES FROM THE HEART OF A CHAMPION!! I am the President of this club and I’m still yelling “PUT ME IN COACH!”

111% ER

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