Goldie’s Birthday Party Was Awesome

May 2014

THANK YOU very much to my Motorcycle Club for my wonderful pair of club boots and some 501 Jeans. I’m taking these babies to the cleaners today! Gotta get them creased up so I can look G’d up for this weekend.

If you love your club, you gotta show it, you gotta let the world know! Be proud of who you with and what you represent.

This 1DOWN MC movement is BIG! It’s world wide and it’s gonna continue to grow and grow and Ultimately it’s gonna have a huge influence on making things better in the motorcycle community for those that have something to do with us. I CAN’T promise you for everyone, but I can promise those that are directly connected with 1DOWN MC and our close Brothers from other clubs that love us and fellowship with us, life will continue to get better.

1DOWN MC has become a strong influence amongst a lot of clubs through out southern California and through out the world and that makes me feel good. Some people say it, some people show it, but it’s happening without a doubt.

1DOWN MC is one of the most spoken on motorcycle clubs in Southern California and if the things that are said have anything to do with 1DOWN MC being a positive club, a strong club, a club with class, then let the truth be spoken.

1DOWN MC has no club beefs with no other clubs. That shit gets you nowhere. We have no reason to beef. We don’t claim territories, we don’t sell drugs, we don’t fuck with another man’s woman, we don’t do business with other clubs, we don’t walk around looking for trouble, we don’t have any on-site revenge situations, we don’t give a fuck what another club is doing, what don’t give a fuck about what another club has or don’t have or what motorcycles they ride or don’t ride.

WE ARE 1DOWN MC and what we do give a fuck about is 1DOWN MC.

I make it a point to keep the relationship fun & honest and built on respect that I have built with any man or any other clubs. I stay away from going into any money/business ventures.

I Founded 1DOWN Entertainment back in 1996 and it’s been 18 years of hard work! 18 years of me doing everything I just described above. Doing what I’m doing today at 42 since I was 24 years old. Many of you already know my reputation and my history or you may have just learned of me, but I’M TRUE TO THIS, NOT NEW TO THIS. My motorcyclemotorcycle club was Founded in 2006 and in 1 1/2 more years we will be celebrating 10 years of 1DOWN MC and 20 years of 1DOWN Entertainment!!! YOU BET YOUR ASS 1DOWN WILL BE HOSTING 1 BIG ASS CELEBRATION IN 2016!!!!!

So get your shit together and get behind your club and help push them forward. You gotta work together and think together and live and love together. Something like a bunch of men in love with eachother but not having sex with eachother  Seriously that’s the best way I can put it  lucky we not gay cause as you know sex tends to fuck up a good friendship 


Love you folks and thanks for reading.


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