Sons of Anarchy Filming 7

It’s that time again…. 1DOWN MC is back on The Set for filming of SONS OF ANARCHY. It’s time to bring the GRIM BASTARDS to life.

After 6 years of being with the show I am happy to say that I got a really fucking great “$$$$$” BUMP today and I just signed new paperwork for residuals!!! Fuck yea!!!!! Some of you might ask “what are residuals?” Well, that’s that good fucking money. That’s the money you get paid for work you’ve already done. That money just comes in the mail periodically.
THANK YOU God for blessing me with great opportunities and most of all, thank you for providing me with the tolls to capitalize on the opportunities you have blessed me with.

To everyone reading this I want you to know the reason I post this is to motivate and show you that life has so much to offer! You just gotta hang in there and keep reaching for the top!

Love and respect,


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