The Key to Life is…

Every day I look at myself in the mirror and pics of myself and I say to myself HOLY FUCK you are 1 blessed mutherfucker! It’s been a wonderful life God has blessed me with to live. I do my very best to earn my keep and maintain what I got and how I got it. I made it my very own decision back in 1996 to make changes in my life that would put me on the path of living legit and for the past 18 years making this legit money, life has been more rewarding and longer lasting than anything I’ve even done.

My natural skills and talents are all mine, and they can never be taken from me. I understand that I can loose all my toys, bikes, cars, clothes, etc in 1 day, but something that can’t be taken from me is my natural talents. And with that talent I can rebuilt and reinvent and get back on top. This is why I take nothing for granted and I don’t like to waste not 1 moment on bullshit.

With all my hard work and all the money I’ve spent on “self entertainment” the 1 thing I can’t buy is TIME. The way my life is set up, it looks like it’s possible for me to live a very long time just like this but actually seeing my success in what I do getting better and better but unfortunately our bodies were not created to live forever. So if I can’t live forever the next step for me is to make sure I lay a solid foundation to support what I have built and lay out a plan to “pass on my teachings”.

People get things confused on whats important. You loose focus on whats important to life and not just your emotional attachment to someone or something. TIME is more important and the #1 key factor to LIFE. Not your Lover, not your car, motorcycle, job, gang, club, etc.

“I can afford to waste $1 cause I can make that back, but I can’t afford to waste 1 minute cause I can never get that back.”- Goldie

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