1DOWN Bikes On Sons of Anrchy

GRIM BASTARDS bringing some color to the Teller Morrow garage.

Lucky me they featuring 5 of my very own personal Harleys on the show.(Sons of Anarchy) I just snapped this pic.

My bikes featured here are my:
Dyna: Orange Bang
Dyna: Blue Balls

Dyna: White Power
Dyna: Grace Jones
*Road King: Rental
*Blue Road King: Malcolm Jamal W.
Road Glide: Grim Bastard Glide

In the 1 pic they are setting up the GO-PRO on my HARLEY ROAD GLIDE.

All stunt riders hired for this scene. I’m the only GRIM BASTARD who wasn’t replaced by a stunt rider for this scene. Feels fucking creepy having these dudes ride my bikes and i don’t know them. Just gotta hope and pray everything works out smooth. Good thing the TV show has the bikes all covered by a fat insurance policy. I’m wearing my white helmet but I snatched it off right away for the shooting scene.

You will see my name in the credits as GRIM BASTARD STUNT RIDER #4 on Episode 6. Fuck yea!!!

I gotta say it’s been a blast working on the show meeting all the guys and being blessed to be part of such a historic tv show. I gotta say it’s kinda sad to see it coming to a end…. but when something ends, something else begins!


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