No Cowards

At some point in this club your SPIRIT, STRENGTH, AND LOYALTY will be tested. It might be done in front of the club or behind closed doors. You can claim what you want, you can claim what you gonna do, but it’s all just talk until it’s time to GET DOWN. A man must stand behind his words. He’s not a man if he doesn’t. Being in a motorcycle club puts a man in a position in life where he has no other options but to be a man. A man in a motorcycle club is a soldier. A soldier follows orders and executes commands without question when his loyalty is true to the club.

You learn a lot about a man when he fucks up and gets COMFORTABLE, and you learn a lot about a man when he is confronted with something he FEAR.

A man that fears confrontation is not a man he is a COWARD. A coward in a motorcycle club will eventually be exposed sooner or later. Cowards and weak so called men are more typical to the motorcycle club lifestyle more than you could ever imagine. They gravitate to the lifestyle looking to hide and camouflage themselves amongst real men, but ultimately the 2 don’t mix. A real man only knows how to be a real man. A coward eventually runs out of lies, trips over his lies, and shows weakness.

These are all my very own personal words from living my life as a man in 1DOWN active since 1996.

Cheers, love and respect to all the real men in motorcycle clubs and fuck you to all the cowards and weak mutherfuckers in motorcycle clubs.



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