Protect The Patch

In my opinion, that of Goldie DeWitt President & Founder of 1DOWN MC.

If you are NOT in a Motorcycle Club and you posted a link in regards to the situation that occurred over the weekend allegedly involving 2 popular Motorcycle CLUBS near the 15 freeway I strongly recommend and suggest you please remove the link you posted. You are doing nothing but promoting negative propaganda against the entire motorcycle club lifestyle. You are allowing the media to use you as a contamination tool against our lifestyle our passion our family our brotherhood our motorcycle clubs and we did nothing to you. So please go back to your profile and delete absolutely everything you posted that came from the News Media. My second request is for you to NEVER publicly post or forward anything Motorcycle Club related that you see on the News or Social Media. Please respect the confidentiality of our lifestyle and don’t take it upon yourself to think you helping by spreading News that’s nothing but pure propaganda that’s designed and formatted to give Motorcycle Clubs and its members a bad name at the end of the day. I can’t stop you from reading it, but I’m asking you not to forward or promote it. JUST LEAVE IT WHERE YOU SAW IT.

If you are IN a Motorcycle Club I would ask that you please do the same and remove all links from your profile in relation to what happened over the weekend if you are not in the clubs that are being mentioned. That’s their business not yours to promote or smear. Just think about it. If your club hit the news and you saw motorcycle clubs that supposed to represent your same lifestyle forwarding and promoting the negative news propaganda in regards to the accusations against your club, how would that make you feel? If you are NOT of the named mentioned clubs in relation to what happened over the weekend, you need to remove all links, all videos, and comments and conversions. In my opinion.

1DOWN MC Rule: Another Motorcycle Clubs business is not our business to speak on.

CIVILIANS: Ask how you can help us, rather than hurt us.

MOTORCYCLE CLUBS: Protect the nest. Don’t contaminate the lifestyle.

So please in the future do not post or repost absolutely anything you see that hits the News in regards to Motorcycle Clubs.

YOU WANNA HELP? You can start right now. You wanna help? Now you know what to do next time.

“SAVE THE PATCH” not just theirs! But all of ours! The Government see all Motorcycle Clubs as a Gang, not just the ones you see on the News. Even yours too!

So wake up and join the movement. SAVE THE PATCH and matter of fact, if you ask me, i would say “PROTECT THE PATCH!!!!”

Love and respect,



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