25th Anniversary

HAPPY 25th Anniversary to 1DOWN!!!!

On this beautiful day back in 1996 on October 29 the spirits blessed me with something I had no idea would be my longest most faithful relationship ever! The only relationship for 25 years strong that still feels like “the honey moon”. 1DOWN for the past 25 years has touched, helped, motivated, encouraged, loved, and fed so many people over the years and it still continues to do so! Thank you to EVERYONE who ever had anything to do with applying a building block to 1DOWN at what ever point you were a member, a friend, or part of the family. As you can see it was worth it cause 1DOWN is still here healthy and stronger than ever. Trust me if I had it my way we’d all still be 1 big family that worked through our trials and tribulations. I’m living active proof that it could be done! So today I stand here side by side with those that are active that held strong through the storms as we celebrate 25 YEARS OF 1DOWN!!!! This is the celebration of the Super bowl. And in every Super bowl you got people on your team that started and played in the games and some who sat the bench. But those that sat the bench are praised and acknowledged as winners along with the starters cause they never quit. TOGETHER WE STAND.


Thank you to all the real 1’s that still feel the spirit of 1DOWN and everything it’s done for you and the life lessons you were blessed to learn from while you were DOWN.

Thank you,

Goldie DeWitt




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