No Name Dropping

No Name Dropping of another MC on my post please. I don’t like my name mixed in nobodies conversation. If you gonna speak on any club within my post, you can speak on 1DOWN MC, but make sure it’s accurate. Not coming at you foul, just teaching you some MOTORCYCLE CLUB etiquette. Unfortunately many civilians are under the impression they can loosely speak on Motorcycle Clubs because they not in one, but thats where the problem roots itself.

BEFORE YOU BECOME A FAN OF A CERTAIN FOOTBALL TEAM, YOU NEED TO LEARN THE RULES & REGULATIONS OF THE SPORT. You will then have a full understanding of what’s what. Meaning if you find yourself becoming a fan of this MC world, you need to learn the laws and learn Motorcycle Club etiquette before you find yourself in a “Trick Bag.”

Remember, EACH 1, TEACH 1. It’s the 1DOWN MC way.

Take care and always be careful on what you say, who you say it to, and who is telling you something. IF YOU DON’T WANT NOBODY TO PUT SOMETHING IN YO MOUTH…. KEEP IT SHUT.

The streets have laws. Don’t break em. This goes out to Males & Females.

Much respect,


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