25th Anniversary

HAPPY 25th Anniversary to 1DOWN!!!!

On this beautiful day back in 1996 on October 29 the spirits blessed me with something I had no idea would be my longest most faithful relationship ever! The only relationship for 25 years strong that still feels like “the honey moon”. 1DOWN for the past 25 years has touched, helped, motivated, encouraged, loved, and fed so many people over the years and it still continues to do so! Thank you to EVERYONE who ever had anything to do with applying a building block to 1DOWN at what ever point you were a member, a friend, or part of the family. As you can see it was worth it cause 1DOWN is still here healthy and stronger than ever. Trust me if I had it my way we’d all still be 1 big family that worked through our trials and tribulations. I’m living active proof that it could be done! So today I stand here side by side with those that are active that held strong through the storms as we celebrate 25 YEARS OF 1DOWN!!!! This is the celebration of the Super bowl. And in every Super bowl you got people on your team that started and played in the games and some who sat the bench. But those that sat the bench are praised and acknowledged as winners along with the starters cause they never quit. TOGETHER WE STAND.


Thank you to all the real 1’s that still feel the spirit of 1DOWN and everything it’s done for you and the life lessons you were blessed to learn from while you were DOWN.

Thank you,

Goldie DeWitt




Goldie’s MAN Advice

If a dude ever shows weakness towards a chick or pussy… TRUST ME HE’S A WEAK MUTHERFUCKER and he’s going fuck you over hard one day leaving you with so much regret. That dude can be your significant other, your homeboy or club brother.

I’m so sick of seeing so called men speaking up for females on social media. What fucking ALPHA MAN would ever cosign for a female in what she can do?! When the fuck did men in so-called motorcycle clubs start to be a fucking cheerleader for chicks that ride a motorcycle?! I GOT NO RESPECT FOR THAT.

You gotta be one weak brainwashed ass kissin’ sucka to do some sissy ass shit like that. It’s a shame what levels a weak ass man would stoop to just to hopefully get some pussy. I see these buster ass dudes turning in their “Man Card” in a hot second now a days!

Letting chicks call shots in a man’s world is unacceptable! A chick gots NO business in a man’s business. KEEP YO CHICK OUT YOUR PROGRAM AND OUT YO BUSINESS!!!

I’m saying this to the BLACKS, WHITES, MEXICANS, ASIAN, MIDDLE EASTERNS in the motorcycle club lifestyle and civilian lifestyle.


You that weak MUTHERFUCKER that fucks it’s up for all of us real men.

If you a chick and your man is in a motorcycle club and you can’t let him take part in his club activities cause you don’t trust him you a weak ass insecure skank and he can’t stand you, trust me! And if you too weak to check your chick and make her respect your clubs Program then you a weak spineless buster that your club don’t respect and your own woman doesn’t respect you either.

So many dudes can’t even express themselves as men on social media cause they too scared knowing their chick or some other chick gonna read it. That’s some weak ass shit right there. Y’all giving females too much power.

YOU WEAK PUNK ASS DUDES OUT THERE FUCKING THE ENTIRE LIFESTYLE UP! You no good pillow talking busters need to all be dealt with.

Females I don’t give a fuck if you ride a motorcycle. I don’t care where you ride to or how many miles you’ve ridden. At the end of the day you a female with a pussy and you either a PROPERTY OF or ENTERTAINMENT in my world! You either OFF LIMITS OR FREE GAME! Your motorcycle doesn’t exist. Your so called club doesn’t exist. If you don’t respect my program then find some weak wanna be that allows pussy to control him and his program.

I send my love and upmost respect to all the females that respect their man and gives him his space he needs to be a man. A man that shows you respect and protects his home and family. Cheers to you awesome ladies. Cheers to you knowing a man gonna do what he gonna do and you can’t stop him but you know he’s not out fucking up cause you two have boundaries that you have agreed on.




President Founder


Motorcycle Club


Is a man’s life. Is a lifestyle for men by REAL men. It’s a lifestyle for heterosexual men only! A lifestyle for men that run their own program in their personal life that DO NOT answer to NO female let that be friend, girlfriend or wife. This is a lifestyle that ultimately comes first, yes before your family.

This lifestyle becomes your family. Females have no place in a Motorcycle Club. Females have ONLY 2 recognized positions in the lifestyle of a REAL MAN’S motorcycle club life.

*Position #1: A female is a Property Of. This simply means she is spoken for. *Position #2: A female is Entertainment. She is single, she is a guest. Anyone can step to her and she needs to understand why. She is there to Meet & Mingle but she must respect the motorcycle club lifestyle rules or not attend.


So let it be understood a woman is either PROPERTY OF or ENTERTAINMENT. If a woman has a problem with that then ultimately you in the wrong lifestyle trying to be something more than you can ever be. Go find something else to do, gone now, get!!

Unfortunately original rules have a been broken that really fucked shit up but it don’t mean it has changed the original PROGRAM with those that represent the original lifestyle. You might see a bunch of “what the fu@k bullshit” happening out there on your set or within The Set but that shit don’t exist on the side of the tracks I get DOWN on. Many of you might feel blindsided by what I’m saying as if you never heard any of this. All I can say is that’s sad and so Unfortunate. Shame on those who brought you in and shame on those who brought them in.

In closing this is ultimately and truly A MAN’S CLUB and real men supposed to run this shit. A female roll is ONLY a woman who is Spoken For or a woman showing up for Entertainment.

I been doing this a long time. Many know how I roll and how I run my Program. If you true to the Program you will agree with public acknowledgement or in silence cause you a chicken. If you new to this, ignorant, don’t know shit about the real MC lifestyle, then you will be offended. You are exactly the content this motorcycle set needs to 86 from The Set!

My name is GOLDIE DEWITT President/Founder of 1DOWN MC. est in 1996. You got any mature questions feel free to drop them in the comments below.

If you got your feelings hurt reading this, bye Felicia!

Don’t Bite The Bait

I COULD HAVE WENT TO JAIL TODAY…. but I didn’t bite the baitšŸ™1DOWN MC walks into a bar. With motorcycles parked out front we expected to see some bikers inside. As we entered the back patio area due to coronavirus this is where everyone was located we immediately recognized the red bandanas, white t-shirts, TRUMP hats, and ALL white people. The music dam near stop when this line of ORANGE & BLACK ON BLACK men walked in through the patio to peacefully claim a empty table. I felt people looking but when I positioned myself to look into the crowd of discombobulated racist face white people, everyone seem to look away. At that second 1 of my club brother’s says to me “PREZ, that dip shit right there said this is a *********.bar when I passed him”. I looked at the guy he pointed out and we both laughed it offšŸ¤£.

The waiter then dashes over to the table we just settled at and says “you can’t have this many people at this table!” as he said it with attitude and with a aggressive body language. Now all the white people staring at me/us while this skinny white waiter attempts to be the super hero that kicks us out. At that moment I knew shit just got active!

I’ve seen too many racist movies and horrible documentaries to not be prepared for this shit! I looked at him and I said “first off you better check your attitude and the way you coming at us”. I told him We have no problem with relocating just advise us on where to be seated? He’s says “there should be tables over there to the left(with attitude)”. I said “okay so you not sure if there are tables over there. So before me and my people’s walk all the way over there to discover there are no available tables, YOU NEED TO GO CHECK AND THEN COME BACK AND LET ME KNOW if you have tables that will accommodate the amount of people we have”. He looked at me with confused embarrassment and I looked at him with a face that said “I’m a split second away from making you taste dirt”…. So he shrugged his shoulders and took his ass on a mission. NOW I looked back up into the crowd of all the eyeballs staring at us and again as I scanned the patio from left to right I could feel them looking away but 1 older Mexican man was staring right at me and I stared back at him and then he wink and nodded his head with a confirmation that he admired how I handled that situation, so I gave him a nod back.

Well, this dip shit waiter come back and says YES there are tables available, so I said OK and we proceeded to relocate to the other side. At this point I don’t want to be there, my club brother’s are like FUCK THIS PLACE but now it’s the principal. We not gonna give that punk ass waiter or them racist looking mutherfuckers any idea they scared us off. So fuck yeah we stayed and we took up the left side! Now the waiter comes back with menus in his hand and Says what table are you sitting at? I looked at him and I said “you need to go get a waitress cause you NOT gonna serve us. He looked at me with surprise and was speechless so I said it again, YOU WILL NOT BE SERVING US SO FIND US ANOTHER WAITRESS NOW”. He again dropped his shoulders tucked his tail and walked away. At that point I could feel the racist crowd felt defeated. So again I looked into the patio and my club brother’s looked into the crowded patio with a look that said FUCK ALL YALL we ain’t going nowhere! A few moments later a female waitress comes out to take our order. She acknowledged us with respect, kept it simple, and we stayed until we felt like leaving.

YES I KNOW ALL WHITE PEOPLE NOT RACIST. NO SHIT! But you know dam well it’s a lot of White people showing their ASS in a racist type way because of this upcoming Election. This certain type of White person is putting all that negative energy from the Confederate Flag into the American flag and the American flag is now looking like a racist flag. Really it’s the unveiling of what it’s always been!

YES I KNOW ALL WHITE PEOPLE NOT RACIST. BUT I will be dam if I let any white person come at me in a disrespectful way. At this moment in time today, you gonna be viewed as being racist!

I AM A MAN! I demand respect and I have no problem with giving respect back. I won’t start no trouble, but I will defend myself by any means necessary!

To all my fellow righteous people out there I say to you PLEASE BE CAREFUL. The devil has captured the souls of many people of all colors. So I pray that you have the proper tools to protect yourself spiritually and physically.


Blessings to you all,

Goldie DeWitt X

Jesse Ventura

MUCH LOVE to Jesse “The Body” Ventura aka SUPERMAN!!! Superman is a Brother in a very well known motorcycle club that is Family to me and you know I got mad love for them. I would never vote for any President of the USA but you bet your ass I will be voting for Superman if he ends up pulling this off.

Check out the link in the comments below!

SERIOUSLY could you imagine a PATCH HOLDER in a well known MC as President of the United States of America šŸŽ‰. Let’s be honest. I most likely won’t happen but hey it’s a thought that at least makes me smile with pride. WE would really have 1 in the house looking out for US!


Respect The Lifestyle


If you don’t have nothing nice to say about Black Motorcycle clubs or the Black Motorcycle club lifestyle, you should not say anything at all.
1. You publicly speaking foul on black people and that’s unacceptable.
2. You speaking Motorcycle club business lifestyle publicly and that’s unacceptable!

If you have a webcast and you speak foul, sour, hateful, or disrespectful towards the Black Motorcycle club lifestyle you doing the devil’s work.

If you not happy with your experience within the Black Motorcycle lifestyle just leave. Turn everything in and leave. Say nothing and forever return back to civilian life.

If you black and you have a webcast of any format that you aim to get your word out to the masses in regards to the black Motorcycle club lifestyle you should ONLY be speaking positive about the black Motorcycle lifestyle experience. You have no need or obligation to speak negative or make mention of anything negative. Anything negative is not your business to bring attention to it. It’s a black eye and that’s something that needs to stay club business.

I’m letting it be known I’m disgusted with what I’m seeing on social media by black people running their mouths, speaking club business, and speaking on stuff they should not be speaking on. There should not be absolutely NO webcast platforms that cover anything about the Motorcycle club lifestyle. It’s nobodies fucking business to know absolutely nothing about the MC lifestyle. You motherfuckers are the biggest snitches and most of the shit you say you are absolutely fucking wrong about. You not helping shit. The MC lifestyle don’t need your fucking help. Take your entire webcast bullshit and aim it at your actual blood family and tell the inner workings of your mom and dad, and your fucked up relationship with your family and friends and how broke you really are and how you lie about absolutely everything. I’m just saying speak on your own business not someone else’s! Am I speaking on someone directly, no I’m not but if the shoe fits!


If I offended you, then you guilty of this fuckery so fuck you.

If you agree with me, then you obviously are a true defender of the real Motorcycle club lifestyle and I got respect for you.

Thank you very much for reading.


Don’t be a poser!

I ride BMW for many reasons, but I’m not here to blow your ears off about BMW. I just want you to know I’ve had A LOT of bikes. A lot of dope ass bikes and from what I’ve experienced a bike doesn’t make a man. I’m the same man I’ve been before I got on a bike, the same man from bike to bike, and the same man from Harley-Davidson to BMW. I say this because if you ever meet someone and they change because they got a motorcycle, that person is a fucking poser!Ā 

Your character & your spirit should be you through & through regardless of you getting a motorcycle or even getting into a Motorcycle Club. If you a cool cat and you get a motorcycle then you just a cool cat on a motorcycle. If you a fake wannabe buster ass mark from jelly stone park and you get a motorcycle, you still gonna be a fake wannabe buster ass mark from jelly stone park!


Did you know?

*It’s disrespectful to ask ANY questions about a Motorcycle club.
*It’s disrespectful to ask ANY questions about a member in a Motorcycle club.
*It’s absolutely forbidden for someone to speak CLUB BUSINESS to a civilian or someone not in their own club. 
*It’s absolutely forbidden to post pics of Motorcycle club members that you did not ask permission first to post their pic. 
*It’s absolutely forbidden to invite someone to a private Motorcycle club event if you did not get permission from the hosting club first. 
*If someone is OUT BAD from a club there’s a reason for it. You must Respect the call of the club and cut ties. It might be your friend, but your loyalty is to the club. 
*Never disclose to anyone where a Motorcycle club’s clubhouse is at unless you get permission from someone in that particular club. 
*If you hear from speaking on a certain club and that person is not in that club, you need to walk away. 
*If you know someone is doing their club dirty and you actually got Respect for that club, you should directly get word to the President. You could save a life! 
*Don’t ask someone in a Motorcycle club to take a pic, it’s a good chance that pic could cause them problems.
*If you see someone from a Motorcycle club at a event, don’t ever tell someone else you saw that person. Leave it alone. It’s not your duty to snitch. 
*Don’t ever confirm anything about a Motorcycle club or someone in a Motorcycle club. Stay out of it. Say “you have no idea”.

I hope you read all of this. I hope you respect what I’m saying is 111% accurate and needed from you and everyone that is affiliated with the Motorcycle club lifestyle.

Thank you very much,

Goldie DeWitt