Ride In Paradise

Dear Prospect
Today is the day you will be laid to rest,
But you know what they say,
God only takes the best.
Everything happens for a reason, 
Even if we may not agree.
Just promise to look after us,
And if you can,
Save a spot up there for me. 
The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes,
And even more so, 
Because all of this was such a surprise. 
But we should never question what God has planned, 
Sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
So as we sit here and mourn the loss of a beloved brother,
We have to keep telling ourselves that we will meet again.
Love you brother,
Goldie and the entire 1DOWN MC

Respect The Lifestyle

We had a awesome 1DOWN Sunday Funday. 
**Where we go? Nunya
**Who was there? Nunya

A lot of you folks out there talking way too much and showing way to much. I’m seeing folks speaking way too much on MC life and they’re not in a Motorcycle Club! Folks showing pictures, videos, etc. You cats really need to cut that shit out.

**If you see me somewhere don’t take a pic of me.
**Don’t take a pic of my club.
**Don’t tell nobody you saw me.
**Don’t speak on me.

This new life of taking pics and video has simply turned into DRY SNITCHING! It has done more damage to the MC lifestyle than people really know, but we don’t have to continue with it. It needs to stop, NOW!! And the only way it can stop is if the people in Motorcycle Clubs say something. So I’m speaking up for myself and my club. I’m not participating in plastering such a private exclusive lifestyle to the public internet anymore!

This lifestyle is not for the public. It’s not for public entertainment. It needs to be respected for what it was and needs to be, NONE OF YOUR DAM BUSINESS!

People talking about Motorcycle Club life, protocol, policies, bylaws, chain of command, inner workings, and so forth on video really need to cut all that shit out and delete all those videos. You really think you doing the MC lifestyle and clubs a favor? Fuck no you not, you hurting it and you giving all the wrong people and government agencies a glass window thinking what you saying is true and it isn’t but most of all it’s nobody’s business at all. SHUT THE FUCK UP! Stop snitching, stop talking, stop speaking on the Motorcycle club lifestyle. It doesn’t need anyone to make sense of anything for anyone. If you don’t understand it, it’s because it’s not your business.

PLEASE….. Understand the MC lifestyle is private regardless of what you been seeing. A change is needed right now! A change of respecting it’s privacy and not showing and telling what ain’t for the public.


Shit is way to real in this Motorcycle Club Lifestyle for folks to be so careless with photos and videos.

You wanna support the MC lifestyle? STOP SNITCHING with your pics, videos, and mouth! That’s the most priceless contribution donation you could ever make!

Thank you,

Goldie DeWitt

I See The Truth

If you was a “Punk Ass Buster” before you got into a Motorcycle Club, you will forever be a punk ass buster to those that knew you before you got into a Motorcycle Club and chances are that club will soon find out for themselves.

If you was a “Hoe Ass Bitch” before you got into a relationship, you will forever be a hoe ass bitch to those that knew you before you got into a relationship and chances are the person you in that relationship with will soon find out for themselves.

The people that really know you will never have respect for you and they will laugh at those that embrace you.


Remember I called it

The “ADVENTURE” style motorcycle is the motorcycle of the upcoming future. I promise you, I guarantee you!! For you non believers just remember when you see Harley Davidson launch their “Adventure” style motorcycle just remember who called it 1st!!! You will then say to yourself, “That dude was way ahead of the game, he fucking called it years ago’!

To answer your question “would I switch back to Harley Davidson if they make Adventure style¬†motorcycles?” My answer is HELL MUTHAFUCKING NO!!!! Why? All they gonna do is carry over their cheap style of making a motorcycle not knowing a fucking thing about the Adventure style bikes. I will forever be BMW 111%!!!

Harley Davidson will reach out to the Adventure style market cause believe it or not, the Company is failing BAD, HARD, and FAST!

FACT: What does it tell you if Harley Davidson WILL NOT service / work on their OWN brand if it’s over 10 years old!! That says enough right there!

You might get pissed at some of what I say, but trust me I’m just speaking the truth and trying to save the smart folks out there some money!



Goldie DeWitt

Motorcycle Club, not Gang

“Please do not reference motorcycle clubs as a GANG. It’s disrespectful”. Do not allow the media and propaganda to brainwash you into thinking negative about motorcycle clubs. I just wanted to spread the word on this. Thank you for giving me a second of your time. Feel free to spread the word.


Please refer to us as MOTORCYCLE CLUBS.

Thank you,



Did I tell you I absolutely fucking love my BMW motorcycles! I’ve owned a lot of motorcycles but it’s something special about this BMW that makes me feel real proud and confident in everything it has to offer.

A mans motorcycle is truly and extension of him. You will see a lot of similarities between a man & his motorcycle. If he’s a clean cut man, you will see a clean bike. If he’s a scruffy type man you will most likely see a scruffy type bike. A man who’s very responsible and doesn’t like excuses will most likely have a nice, reliable bike that he keeps in tip top shape. A man that has a ton of excuses, and tends to be pretty irresponsible will most likely have a shady running bike that’s unreliable.

I made my decision to go BMW because of many reasons, but the main 2 reasons were reliability & horse power. I want my motorcycle to represent me as the man I stand today and that is a man that stands behind his word that you can depend on and a man that represents power in a strong way! I personally felt this was something I could not achieve with “That Other Brand” no matter how much money i put into it without heavily sacrificing it’s reliability. To make that other bike stronger it made something else weaker and at that point you realize you are living the life of a tweaker trying to chase your first high!

I know I’m living a life of being ahead of the game to where many folks out there was like “what the fuck is he doing on a BMW”? Then at the same time there were many people out there that said “you 1 smart sharp Game changing mutherfucker”!

GAME CHANGER? That’s not why I switched to BMW, but yes I am confident that decisions I make can influence a huge audience on the strength that I did something they once thought about and by me doing it, it gave them a real life picture of what it would look like. So with that it gives them the confidence to move forward. As for me, I do what I do for me regardless of what anybody thinks. I do it cause I know I’m gonna enjoy it & I’m gonna look good at it. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s simply because they contaminated with jealousy or don’t have good taste, but eventually they bow down to the G.O.A.T. aka GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

This is a 1 MAN SHOW I run. After me there will be no other. After me the show will be over and everything I did and stood for and accomplished will turn into awesome stories to share and tell for years & years! But while I’m here, you best believe I’m gonna continue to dig deep and plant this 1DOWN root deep in the ground to hold strong for centuries of mind blowing stories on that guy they called GOLDIE the creator of 1DOWN. They will speak on me as they speak of the 12 Greek Gods.

“We are dead way longer than we are alive.” So for this short time on earth you get 1 chance to immortalize yourself into this physical world so that your spirit continues to touch the soul of those living to spread the word of your life.

I’m here to experience, live, and love as much as I can every single day. I have no desire to hold on to any 1 thing for the rest of my life. I desire to touch & let go of as many things as I can for the rest of my life.

“DO NOT ALLOW NO MAN OR WOMAN TO CONTROL YOU!” Be free. Live free. Think free. Your spirit can’t be caged!

Thanks for reading.

Goldie DeWitt