So many people want it, but very few know how to hold on to it. They seem to be more attracted to the word than anything else. They don’t realize Brotherhood is not only about the goodtimes. Little do they know the word Brotherhood is a lifestyle that is most tested when things for that organization has taken a downward spiral. Unfortunately during this downward spiral this is when you see the truth about some you gave too much credit to when things were easy and smooth.

Those folks who claim to be in search of a true Brotherhood tend to be the first to turn their back, jump ship, tuck their tail, fold, pout, quit, leave, turn into a bitch the moment something doesn’t go their way, they get their ass thewed out, or a unfortunate situation aimed at the entire organization.

Unfortunately a key ingredient to the organization that is being ignored is what can that person BRING to the organization vs what they want from it. Seems like so many men now a days are having less and less to offer but expect so much in return. This could be for many reasons: Does he not respect his organization, is he spoiled, does he not know how to contribute, is he the type of person who only takes and never gives back?

A Brotherhood is bigger than 1 person. It does not revolve around 1 person. It revolves around the organization and the organization is the foundation from which the Brotherhood holds its balance. This is why its important that a organization and all its members stay on the same page.

I am loyal to my movement and to my program. I feed my own and I take care of my own. This program I built grooms my members to be self sufficient but I can not guarantee that my methods will always work with everyone that comes through my program. Some are filled with too much Bitch and too much Jealousy for me to break them down and rebuild them and soon enough that person is back to their civilian life hating themselves every day of their life that they failed at the best opportunity in their life.

I have no love for the weak. Fuck em! You quit, fuck you. You turn your back on me, fuck you. The life I live has no room for the fake.

When you SOLID & you got a good relationship with someone or a certain Organization you need to keep it active with investment of love, respect, and participation. Never just assume they know. It dont work that way.

To my brothers in a certain club that are dealing with heavy media spot light right now I want to say my prayers are with all of you and you know dam well, I love you all equally ballanced across the Nation.

Something I say and something I belive in is that “ALL STORMS SHALL PASS.” When the dust settles you will see who’s still standing with you and who tucked their tail and turned their back when they assumed you couldn’t see them. Remember I told you who the first to do that would be.

If you read this, you will now see things a lil more clear than you did 20 min ago.

I wish you the best.

Goldie DeWitt


1DOWN MC in New York. We had a blast! We tried to do as much as we could while we was there.

I’ve learned so much about myself, men, and this Motorcycle Club lifestyle over the years.

It’s really not about what type of bike you ride, how much attitude you got, how many people you know, how fast your bike is, how many bitches jocking you, how tough you wanna act, how disrespectful you can be… when it comes down to it, it’s way more simple than most people make it out to be.

It’s about 1 thing, it’s about loyalty to your club. To have loyalty to your club you must respect your club. You must respect your President. You must respect the club movement. A dope bike won’t make you loyal, a fast bike won’t make you loyal, and cocky attitude won’t make you loyal, lifting weights won’t make you loyal, and a fucked up attitude won’t make you loyal, but prioritizing your club to be #1 in your life and working through the think & thin makes you loyal. That is something money can’t buy. Being loyal comes from the heart and not from anything materialistic. Being loyal is what makes a man in a club valuable. HE is the person that other patch holders have the highest level of respect for, and not the loudmouth buster with no bike, and in the club for the wrong reasons.

STOP showing respect to WEAK MUTHERFUCKERS from any club that you know dam well ain’t about shit. Stop giving them the wrong impression. Save your energy and reward the REAL DEAL MUTHERFUCKERS who really put it down and got they shit together.

IF YOU A REAL MUTHERFUCKER…. time will tell.

Goldie DeWitt

Showing Love

Showing love to my RIVERSIDE homeless. Her name is ROSE. She been homeless in the streets since 1989. She was born May 3, 1960. She said she aint laughed and smiled in many years!! We put some food and drink in her belly and gave her a new bandana. She bathes in the river and lives at the river bottom. She makes money from Flying. Flying is holding up a homeless sign asking for money. She hates the police. She said Donald Trump is ugly. She said todays young ladies is some HOE’S. She’s a funny woman. She’s been through a lot.

BE BLESSED OF THE LIFE “YOU” LIVE!!!! Some people got dealt a different set of cards…

Learn From Your Mistakes

HAD SOME WORDS WITH MY BROTHERS THIS MORNING and figured I’d share a portion of it with you hoping is conditions you in a helpful way as it did for my brothers.

“When you lucky enough to see someone make a mistake, it wasn’t luck. It was a direct msg to you to be witness to for a reason. The reason was to educate you and prepare you for the future. Everything happens for a reason. WE MUST LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS. Each day I learn something I feel stronger. My mental game MUST be stronger than my physical. THAT’S WHAT REALLY MATTERS. “A weak mind has no control over a strong body!”

You must know where having real strength matters.


Respect The Club

1DOWN MC ain’t got no reason to give our colors away to nobody. If you not gonna earn your colors, then fuck you & fuck off.

Yes, family first but in some situations you gonna have to prioritize the club over your family, and if this is something you absolutely can not do, then the club life ain’t for you. No need to sugar coat shit cause there will be times when THE CLUB will take precedence over a family engagement.

Folks just don’t get it… you must respect the club you fellowship with. You must respect the club you are in. It’s not about you, it’s about the future of the club.

The key to a successful relationship with your club is consistency! Be consistent with whats expected from you.

Don’t move too fast, don’t move too slow. Don’t get ahead of yourself, don’t get overwhelmed. Earn your keep. Keep your hand on the throttle at a solid cruising speed always ready to excelerate, turn left or turn right at the immediate request of the club.

You must be a rider for your club, not for yourself.

The MC life is not for everyone. If you have too much of a strong obligation to your blood family, or work/job then don’t come to the MC lifestyle thinking the MC lifestyle is supposed to make modifications to how it operates because of your personal lifestyle.

You have to know and respect that THE CLUB has expectations of you. The club has a PROGRAM and the club is on a MOVEMENT to be successful in what they do and how they operate and the club does it’s best to keep everyone SQUARE and level for the future of the club.

1DOWN MC has never been the problem, the problem has always been the fake 1’s that came through for the wrong reasons.

I shared this info with you to show you and educate you.

This MC life is about LOYALTY & RESPECT.

Goldie #1

Photo of 1DOWN model Riley, holding 1DOWN MC patch. **photo is an actual Scratch & Sniff. Only works with Samsung cellphones.